Terminal 22 Closing

Terminal22 is closing.
I feel like my favorite band just broke up.

After 6 months, it’s time for Gallery Terminal22 to close it’s space at: 2443 Telegraph Ave in Oakland. It’s been a good run!

Here is some coverage of the current and last show curated by Jessie Wusthoff.

Be sure to check out the show and gallery for the final time on Feb 13th from Noon – 5pm.

Recap and photos by Jessie Wusthoff:

Jamie Spinello’s 3d constructions and Joe Bagley’s amazingly detailed cuts

Lena Reynoso’s grouping of works centered around circus sideshow images

Jamie Spinello’s sarcophagus series

Jamie Spinello’s sarcophagus series: detail

Matt Ridgway’s sculptural sketchbooks: screen printed versions of his personal sketches

Jamie Spinello captures cut outs between layers of Plexiglas that are then fused together.

Kerri Lee Johnson

Lee Hunter uses paper structures to express the basic needs of human dwellings and their impact on their environment.

Joe Bagley’s larger pieces – each cut from a single piece of paper

paper sculptures and additional cuts

Tracy’s tiny paper sculptures (each roughly the height of a quarter) are amazingly controlled and detailed

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