The Outside Lands Aftermath

Sky’s the Limit.  Not really, I hope that there is NO LIMIT, but it’s a good saying and I thought inspirational.

Sunday at Outside Lands was a very interesting adventure. Aside from some serious drama, which I won’t get into, it was a great experience. Above is my finished piece that I worked on throughout the whole day. Below is the scene in the A.M. before about 60,000 fans arrived.

I cruised around and found these amazing structures, (below) done by my art school friend Monica Canilao and her tribe. I was told that these structure were much, much, bigger the days before. More like mansions compared to cottages they had become. They are all made out of recycled material. Monica and team had to down size the structures considerably because of liability issues and heat from the promoters and authorities. Bummer. Later on ended up hanging with Monica and her posse for a bit. Good times.

Mike Giant was representing. Here is his roller piece. Big and clean.

I realized I should have taken more photos, but that’s usually the case. Thanks to all my friends that came by and said hi, and thanks to Jeben Berg for having me come paint.  It was good hanging out and painting with Sam, Nate, Sage, Aden and the rest of the Juxtopoz crew.

Until next year… Maybe(?)