John Hersey

Last weekend at The Graffiti Gumbo Show at Backyard Boogie in San Rafael I ran into highly respected illustrator John Hersey.

John Hersey is a veteran Illustrator.  He is noted as one of the first Illustrators to use the personal computer for art and illustration.  He is a part of the group Emigre, which you can check out here.

I’ve followed John’s work since College.  He was, and think still is, a proffesor at CCA, where I went to school. Unfortunitly, I never took his course, even though I really wanted to, my schedule never allowed it. When talking to him this past weekend he said “it looks like you didn’t need it.”  I disagree and feel he still has some inlightenment and wisdom to offer. Among his longevity and continued experiementation, he is a super nice guy.

I suggest you check out his work here.